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A Homage to RS

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Bear with me while in indulge in pure nostalgia and all things The Cure - there is a valid reason for this, although I never need an excuse to talk at length about my musical hero and long time inspiration, Robert Smith.

I first became aware of The Cure after taping a Saturday morning TV show. Depeche Mode, New order... all excellent... then Robert Smith "On candy stripe legs, the Spiderman comes, softly through the shadows of the evening sun'..... I was hooked. Two weeks of paper rounds later and the purchase of Disintegration saw an absolute confirmation of identity and an addition to my developing musical palette. The image, the sounds, but most prominently the lyrics! The most interesting and relevant poetry I had ever heard - set to music. I was ploughing my way through classical piano grades at the time, knowing all I wanted to do in life was make music, but finding an uneasy and sometimes temperamental alliance with the piano. More paper rounds and I was able to purchase A head on the door and experienced a complete revelation...close to me and last dance . It was like an explosion happening in my head. The sound of the saxophone absolutely captivated me. The counterpoint of the Jazz lines in Close to me and the emotive, almost power ballad style of the sax solo in last dance blew my mind. I know instinctively that I needed a saxophone and that that was my instrument.

After a long standing tumultuous relationship with the piano, I now truly love playing and have found a truce between myself and this complex instrument, but still hold it somewhat at arms length. However, the first moment I picked up a saxophone I felt at one and totally connected. I had found my instrument and after transferring to saxophone as my principal instrument in the 3rd year of a Jazz degree, I felt I could call myself a saxophonist.

How is this relevant to the project 'Seeing Music, Hearing Colour'? That will become apparent in the next blog. The project allows me to finally pay homage to Robert Smith and The Cure, and is in part my own personal way of acknowledging their absolutely vital role in steering me towards becoming the musician and composer I am today. Their inspiration is indelible but requires acknowledging; this project allows me to do just that.

Watch out for blog#3

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