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I Will Kiss You Forever

I Will Kiss You Forever

This is the Image which has driven the 'Seeing Music, Hearing Colour' project : I will kiss you forever by Robert Smith of The Cure.

When I was in the planning stages of constructing the program I wanted to use a painting for a stimulus to explore synaesthesia. I had another image in mind - completely different in construction and colour (Paul Klee's Southern Gardens) but this was not sitting completely comfortably with me; in my head this was a piece for orchestra and for this project I would be using a quintet.

Paul Klee- Southern Gardens

When I received the Robert Smith Print as a gift I knew instantly that this was the painting I wanted to use for my synaesthetic response. The colours, the music it instantly created in my head and my long standing love of The Cure married up perfectly, along with the fact that the print was supporting Heart Research UK was just perfect - totally synchronous.

In 2019, Robert Smith began supporting Heart Research UK by creating his first piece for their anonymous heART project, saying that before then, he hadn’t “picked up paint with purpose for almost 30 years – my favourite creative medium has always been sound – but making these has inspired me to start drawing again…” Robert is a patron of Heart Research UK, stating "More than a quarter of all deaths in the UK are caused by heart and circulatory disease – I have very sadly seen too many friends and family fall victim over the years.” Family members and friends of my own have also been affected by the disease, and this is a very important charity - all the more perfect!

The charity have been amazingly supportive throughout this process and representatives will be attending the launch. Another great reason to grab a glass of wine, browse the exhibition and join us for a concert which will premier new music composed by the project quintet and community groups. #noboundaries

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