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The results of the project were purely observational and questionnaire based (this was not firmal testing as such). As workshop leaders, myself and Chiomah discussed the processes and reactions of the students consistently, documenting our findings and observations after each session. Whilst some participants found they could make a sound / colour association - many found it very difficult to maintain 'colour' as a stimulus and would always resort to narrative as a tool. People really wanted to tell their story! Or at least associate their music or art with a narrative which was either descriptive or held meaning through fictional imaginings or real life experience. Even the participants who did engage with the colour based theme also included storytelling as a supportive medium. 

There were some moments of associating lighter colours with higher sounds, and the darker colours with the lower scraping and foreboding capabilities of the Cello, but not enough to truly state that the light to dark spectrum of the colour palette matched the range of high and low of the instruments used in workshops. However, this has prompted us to explore the medium of story telling and narrative further, and projects which are story focussed are in the planning stage (please fill in the contact sheet to keep up to date).

Of course, the use of storytelling as communication is nothing new, myriads of research has been conducted into aural / oral tradition and the power of giving a voice to the individual - but of for this method of preferred communication to constantly override the proposed focus of 'colour' was stark. 

Let’s Work Together

If you experience synaesthesia, and would like to share your thoughts, or any opinions regarding the music or art produced in projects, please get in touch and share your story. 

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